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September 2012

Top Ten Ways to Protect Your Trade Secrets

Tips from the trenches in light of the recent Ex-Motorola Software Engineer Prison Sentence. Hanjuan Jin, a Motorola Software Engineer, stepped onto the terminal at O’Hare International Airport a few years ago and stepped into history as one of the most notable Trade Secret mis-appropriators of recent times.  Loaded with $30,000 in cash, a one way ticket to China, and a motherload of trade secrets freshly pilfered from Motorola, Jin …Read More

E-Books: The Next E-Discovery Frontier?

Your E-Reader may be called as an “electronic witness” [1] The Background The defendant was accused of murdering his wife.  He claimed it was self-defense, that his wife tried to shoot him during a heated argument and he shot her as they struggled over the gun.  Prosecutors were suspicions…the physical evidence at the scene didn’t match the husband’s story, and the bullet trajectory suggested murder…and there was that recently-purchased insurance policy. …Read More

Digital Evidence Plays Important Role in Apple v. Samsung Award

No need to explain complicated patent law to jurors when the ESI is so convincing the iPhone has a “beautiful design”, and “easy to copy” hardware. – internal Samsung report [1] The Background In one of the most significant Intellectual Property cases of our time, a jury has awarded Apple over one billion dollars in damages in a patent case involving the design and functionality of Apple’s treasured iPhone. Apple …Read More