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November 2012

Casey Anthony Computer Forensics Investigators Overlook Google Search For “Fool-Proof Suffocation” [1]

Not All Computer Forensics Experts are Created Equal. This story is almost too disturbing to repeat. So we hope you will forgive us for examining a slightly different angle. Just when we thought this horrible case was somehow behind us, and that perhaps we would no longer be subjected to the torment of having the image of an accused baby killer thrust into our faces, here we go again. We …Read More

Do Employees Steal Trade Secrets? Yes! (Just Ask Them)

New survey confirms nearly half of employees would steal A recent survey concluded that nearly half of all employees would walk out with proprietary data(such as company database records and business plans) if they were fired tomorrow [1].  Other findings included… 45 percent said they have access to information on a system that is not relevant to their role. 42 percent indicated they have used passwords to access data that …Read More