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July 2013

Social Media eDiscovery Will Play Prominent Role in Spain Train Wreck Investigation

Conductor’s Face Book Page Suggests a Fascination With Speed “I’m at the limit and I cant go any faster or they’ll fine me”  -Jose Garzon   The driver accelerates his vehicle to nearly twice the speed limit in most areas (124 MPH) and takes a photo of the speedometer, posting it to his Facebook page with a comment….”I’m at the limit and i can’t go any faster or they’ll fine …Read More

Zimmerman Case IT Director Fired: Considering using your “IT Guy” as a Computer Forensics Expert? Watch this video first!

George Zimmerman Special Prosecutor Fires IT Chief Who Raised Discovery Concerns By Jeffrey Hartman Let’s be fair.  Most IT people are competent and qualified.  Some are exceptional.  Our 4Discovery team has the opportunity to work with these capable folks on a nearly daily basis in the course of our engagements.  Most IT professionals are not, however, Computer Forensics Experts.  They just have not had the training or access to the …Read More

Breakfast Discovery

Half of all employees say they would take Trade Secrets with them to a new employer[1] Join the experts at 4Discovery as we examine eDiscovery trends and tips over breakfast at the beautiful Union League Club.   Each month, our computer forensics and eDiscovery team will provide a brief presentation on “Tips from the Trenches” and eDiscovery trends that are important to your practice. This month’s session focuses on Trade …Read More