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December 2013

Will Mobile Device Forensic Evidence Play a Role in the Recent Fatal Train Accident in New York?

Investigators on the scene issued a drug & alcohol test on the engineer…and grabbed his mobile phone for forensic analysis[1] The New York Metro-North Railroad commuter train raced into the tight 30 MPH curve at an astonishing 82 MPH, according to NTSB investigators, resulting in a dramatic crash and derailment that killed four and left more than 70 injured.  Early reports suggest train operator error. What was one of the …Read More

Mobile Device Forensics: Hendricks Case Revisited

4Discovery’s Own Josh Fazio Interviewed in “Security Management” Magazine When authorities arrested the two-time convicted child molester, they knew images on his mobile phone would be critical in proving their case.  What they didn’t expect was how the accused would attempt to “destroy” the SIM card from his phone.  Josh Fazio, a senior forensic examiner with 4Discovery in Chicago would be called on by the Feds to try to recover …Read More