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January 2014

4Discovery’s Computer Forensics Testimony is Critical in SEC Insider Trading Case

Jury returns guilty verdict for “front running” Anthony Balzanto, a partner at the Chicago-based computer forensics firm, 4Discovery, provided critical testimony last week in the SEC v. Yang[1] Insider trading case, resulting in the jury returning a guilty verdict for front running and false filing. The action centered around trading activity by the defendant Siming Yang in his role as a registered broker dealer and investment advisor in New York.  …Read More

Think Social Media eDiscovery is A Waste of Time? Ask the Guy with the Fish!

Photos from Social Media & Websites Play Prominent Role in Ex-Cops, Firefighter’s Disability Fraud Case in New York [1] In our business we often witness people engaged in the most stupid, repulsive, and often illegal activity.  Rarely has this fact been more dramatically illustrated than in the example of the recently exposed fraud related to a number of social security disability claims in New York. The Background Who will ever …Read More

Cyber Breach Response: You Will Suffer a Data Breach. Have You Selected Your Response Team?

Tips from the Trenches:  A Computer Forensics Perspective 73% of small to mid-sized companies suffered a data breach last year   Here’s an overview of the most notable data breaches from the last few weeks… Snapchat, the online photo sharing site reported a massive hack of hundreds of thousands of user names and phone numbers Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter advised 2 million users that their passwords had been compromised Retail …Read More

Former BP Engineer Convicted of Obstruction for Deleting Text Messages

Mobile Device Forensics Uncovers 513 Deleted Messages Related to Gulf Spill “I would have presented those to the Grand Jury”        -FBI Special Agent Kelly Bryson on the deleted text messages       The Background The grainy black and white images of the oil spewing from the fractured valve at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico were dramatic and painful to watch.  Millions of barrels of …Read More