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March 2014

CNN Interviews 4Discovery’s Chad Gough

  Would Data be Recoverable From Malaysian Flight 370 Passenger’s Mobile Devices? If Malaysian flight 370 is ever recovered, could draft text messages, videos, and other electronically stored information retrieved from passenger’s mobile phones and other digital devices help tell the story of the doomed airliner’s fate? When CNN decided to examine this question during today’s airing of Erin Burnett’s “UpFront”  program, they asked for insight from the experts at Chicago-based computer …Read More

Are Your Trade Secrets Safe in Our New Mobile World?

Tablets and Smart Phones Have Out-Shipped Laptops for the First Time Ever Mobile device use in the workplace is changing the landscape of Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery like never before. The opportunities for investigators and litigation attorneys are significant, and they are encountering a whole new world of electronic evidence…and new ways to find that “smoking gun” we always hear about. Consider this… More tablets and smart phones were …Read More