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April 2014

CNN Revisited

Malaysian Air Flight 370 Mobile Phone Device Data Recovery Reenactment  Can 4Discovery Recover Data From a Mobile Phone That Has Been Submerged In Pressurized Cold Salt Water for a Week?  That is the question that CNN posed to 4Discovery computer forensics experts last week when they revisited our offices with a Samsung mobile phone loaded with text messages, photos, videos, and emails.  Then, the CNN reporter, Ted Rowlands, and our …Read More

FREE Mobile Device eDiscovery CLE

4Discovery provides onsite CLE Programs in the convenience of your law firm’s conference room Bringing Electronic Discovery Knowledge to You Looking for a convenient way to complete your mandatory CLE Requirements? Would you like to achieve CLE credits in the convenience of your office? Concerned about compliance with rapidly changing electronic discovery technology? Smart Phones Are Ubiquitous 1.5 billion new Smart Phones will be sold in the next five years.  These …Read More