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FREE Mobile Device eDiscovery CLE

4Discovery provides onsite CLE Programs in the convenience of your law firm’s conference room

Bringing Electronic Discovery Knowledge to You

  • Looking for a convenient way to complete your mandatory CLE Requirements?
  • Would you like to achieve CLE credits in the convenience of your office?
  • Concerned about compliance with rapidly changing electronic discovery technology?

Smart Phones Are Ubiquitous
1.5 billion new Smart Phones will be sold in the next five years.  These phones and other mobile devices can leave behind an indisputable digital trail, and the Electronically Stored Information (ESI) stored on them can often be unique, and discoverable.  Many employees freely admit sending confidential company information over their mobile device.  Is this important new source of ESI a part of your eDiscovery/investigative strategy?

This One Hour CLE will Examine…

  • What types of ESI can you find on a mobile device.
  • Actual case studies.
  • How you can discover/collect this evidence.
  • BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) work issues.
  • Text messages: The next big ESI Frontier.
  • How GPS data creates a compelling timeline.
  • Why authentication is so critical.

Program Format

  • Location: Your Law Firm Conference Room
  • When?  Whenever you wish!  (Lunchtime works great)
  • Cost: Free
  • Duration: One Hour
  • CLE Certified? Yes

Want to Schedule Your Free CLE?
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About Jeff

Jeff is a 30 year veteran of the corporate security, computer forensics, and eDiscovery community and a co-founder and partner at 4Discovery.  4Discovery is a leading provider of computer incident response and computer forensics services to attorneys, corporate security executives, and the information protection community


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