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October 2014

Data Security 101: 4Discovery’s Jared Sikorski Interviewed on Fox News

Sikorski Offers Data Privacy Tips in Light of Recent Rash of Breaches Target, Home Depot, Staples, and JP Morgan Chase.  The list of companies falling victim to massive data breaches continues to grow at an alarming rate, and consumers are becoming increasingly nervous about the security of their personal data…rightly so. Sometimes cyber attacks are sophisticated and extremely difficult to prevent.  Other times, an ounce of common sense can be …Read More

Tweets: An Important New Source of Electronic Evidence

Computer Forensics Firms Are Helping Attorneys Preserve and Produce This Increasingly Critical ESI The Scenario The Tweet goes out… chip maker Audience is “being investigated by the DOJ on a rumored fraud.”  The result?  The shares of Audience plunge over 25% in a mere few seconds.  The payoff?  Potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits for short sellers.  The problem?   The Tweet was a complete hoax, sent by an …Read More