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April 2015

How Do You Investigate Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Crimes? Examine the Digital Evidence!

Law Bulletin Publishing Company’s FCPA Conference Highlights a Study of the Alstom $772 Million Criminal Penalty Case.  Where was the smoking gun?  In the Emails. As usual, the Law Bulletin Publishing Company’s Annual White Collar Crime and Corporate Governance Seminar in Chicago was outstanding, and featured panelists including Dan Webb and other elite Chicago attorneys.  This year’s program provided insight into the recent FCPA conviction of Alstom S.A., the French …Read More

Top Data Breach Response Take-Aways From the John Marshall Law School’s JITPL Annual Symposium

Elite Group of Industry Experts Offer Incident Response Best Practices As reported last week, 4Discovery was honored to sponsor the Annual Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law (JITPL) Symposium at the John Marshall School on Friday, April 10.  The presenters included thought leaders from academia, the FBI’s Cyber Division, and leading law firms. Not surprising, breach response was a hot topic. Indeed, 2014 has been described as the year …Read More

Is the SEC Giving Whistleblowers Too Much Power?

New SEC Move to Require Companies to “Review and Amend” Employee Confidentiality Agreements to Encourage Whistleblowing is Creating a Debate The confidentiality agreement is a widely-used tool for protecting a company’s confidential information and trade secrets. It is an excellent training tool to establish an understanding with employees that companies can suffer tremendous damage if those secrets are not protected.  Further, every employee plays a role in keeping the family …Read More

How Did the NCIS Know that Bergdahl Was an Apparent Traitor? Computer Forensics, of Course.

Computer Forensics on Bowe Bergdahl’s Computer Presents “Clear Evidence” He Attempted to Go “Over to the Other Side,” NCIS Reports. Computer forensics evidence, revealed in a 2009 report by the Naval Criminal Investigative Agency (NCIS), clearly indicated Berghahl had offered himself up to the Taliban, and was attempting make himself available to the enemy, according to Lt. Col. Tony Schaefer, based on his inside information into the NCIS report.  These …Read More

4Discovery to Co-Sponsor the John Marshall Law School 2015 Journal of Information Technology and Privacy Law (JITPL) Symposium on April 10.

Annual Event Will Focus on Data Breach Issues, BYOD, Social Media in the Law, and More. 4Discovery is pleased to be one of the sponsors of this year’s JITPL Symposium at the John Marshall Law School on April 10, 2015. The symposium will bring practitioners, scholars, advocates and policy makers together to participate in an academic discussion about the law, policy, and implementation of legal protections for data management.  Sessions …Read More