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August 2015

Are your Clients Prepared for a Data Breach?

You are invited to a very special CLE Certified event Target, Anthem, the IRS, and now a massive loss of records from the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Today’s headlines are ripe with stories of the latest dramatic thefts of confidential information. Did you know that 43% of mid-sized companies have suffered a breach? If one of your clients suffered a data breach, would you know how to …Read More

For Sale: Your Stolen Pre-Released Press Releases!

Hackers Busted Selling Press Releases to Traders – How Secure is Your Vendor’s Info Security?    In light of the rash of data security events in the last few years, your company has invested heavily in upgraded security hardware and software.  In addition, you recently completed a comprehensive security awareness training program for all your employees, reinforcing the importance of data security (in particular, reminding them not to open those …Read More

Are Tom Brady’s Text Messages Recoverable?

New England Patriots QB Accused of Destroying Potentially Damning Text Messages Well, I can not resist.  Prepared to just let this story go away, I watched the online debates about just how “recoverable” Brady’s text messages are…and how the NFL apparently believes when one destroys a phone the text messages are destroyed as well.  Now I will somewhat reluctantly add our voice to the “Deflate Gate” conversation.  I hope this …Read More