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January 2016

Death by Natural Causes…or Because of Smart Phone Failure?

Could Digital Forensics on a Diabetes Monitoring Device Help Solve The Case? The girl died in her sleep.  We’ll call her Sara.  A young college student with a bright future. Sara had battled Diabetes since she was a little girl.  Sometime during the evening while fast asleep in her dorm room her glucose levels became catastrophically out of normal, and her body shut down. She never woke up. Recently, Sara’s …Read More

Burglar Nabbed by Bluetooth

Thief steals car, connects to the Bluetooth system, makes calls, gets arrested. Oops! We have all heard about those “stupid criminal” stories…you know, like the bank robber that writes a “this is a stick up” note on the back of one of his deposit slips.   Well, here’s a good one about a burglar that fell victim to the unintended efficiency of Bluetooth technology.  I read about this case this morning …Read More

Was “El Chapo” Felled by Mobile Device Metadata?

A Stark Reminder That Your Smart Phone is Spying on You Vanity plus a large ego plus technological ignorance equals disaster.  While there is no confirmation that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s interview with Sean Penn ultimately led to the fugitive’s arrest last week, many of us in the digital forensics world are speculating that his unintended digital footprint did, in fact, lead to his demise. Could it be that digital …Read More