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Our Team

Pedigree Matters

For electronic evidence to be admissible, it must be harvested in a scientifically sound fashion by a computer forensics professional. Mis-steps at any critical stage of the process can render the electronic evidence useless, and can place your case in jeopardy. Even worse, an inexperienced or incompetent computer forensics analyst can draw erroneous conclusions that can be impeached or can imperil the very integrity of the data, leading to spoliation.

4Discovery Computer Forensics Experts are leaders in our field. We have produced outstanding results in literally hundreds of cases, and our experts have extensive testimony experience, advanced training, and certifications. We bring decades of experience from both Law Enforcement and the Private Sector.  Ask about our references, bios, and testimony experience.


Chad Gough


As one of the partners at 4Discovery, Chad brings over 15 years of experience to the team.  Chad heads up most forensic projects and provides expert testimony and consulting for attorneys.

Jeffrey Hartman


Jeff is a partner at 4Discovery and brings over two decades of corporate security, investigative, and electronic discovery experience to the team. Jeff focuses on advising clients on complex litigation matters, project strategy, and business development.

Phil Knox

Director of Business Development

Phil served as Director of IT at a Chicago law firm for 15 years. He utilizes his extensive legal technology knowledge to help clients find the right solutions.

Wolfgang Wilke

Forensic Investigator

With over a decade in the computer forensics field, Wolfgang has extensive expert testimony experience in state and federal courts.  His computer forensic experience has proven to be instrumental in convictions, exonerations and favorable settlements in hundreds of civil and criminal disputes.

Jared Sikorski

Forensic Investigator

Jared specializes in mobile phone forensics. He is our go-to guy when it comes to mobile imaging, recovering deleted data, bypassing passwords, and other advanced mobile investigative techniques. Jared’s expert reports and findings have been successfully used in criminal and civil settlements for years.

Nathan Binder

Computer Forensics Consultant

Nate is the newest member of the 4Discovery team. With a degree in Digital Forensics and several years experience in technical support, Nate consults on several different projects at any given time. His acquired knowledge, skills, and experience are a tremendous asset to 4Discovery.

Thomas Bo Nelson

Business Development Consultant

Bo served as the Litigation Support Manager for one of the world’s largest law firms for many years before joining 4Discovery as a business development consultant. Bo uses his vast litigation technology skills and knowledge to help our clients solve complex digital forensics and eDiscovery matters.

Melody Haase

Project Manager

Melody is the 4Discovery Project Manager. Melody works to ensure client needs are met and projects run smoothly. Melody has conducted high-profile Internet investigations in a number of significant matters for private industry, law enforcement, and the government. Melody uses this experience to teach CLEs and help our clients locate, preserve, and analyze internet-based content.

Sarah O'Connor

Office Manager

Sarah is the 4Discovery Office Manager. Sarah handles billing, accounts receivable and payable, manages vendor and partner relationships, and takes care of our general administrative functions. She also helps our team with project management of the multiple engagements we have underway at any given time.

Tori Lucchesi

Marketing Coordinator

Tori is the 4Discovery Marketing Coordinator. She helps us position our services to our prospective clients, schedules Continuing Legal Education (CLE) presentations, and keeps our Client Relationship Management systems up to date. Tori also assists with promoting the 4Discovery brand advantages in the marketplace and supports our efforts to identify new client opportunities.

Connor Novak

Forensic Intern

Connor is 4Discovery’s Forensic Intern. Making coffee and running out to get us lunch? Nope. Connor does real work. Organizing and inventorying our electronic evidence, taking care of our IT needs, and helping us with new case intake are just a few of Connor’s responsibilities as he learns our tradecraft and studies forensics and IT security.


Director of Security

Pixel is 4Discovery’s Director of security and is responsible for keeping our team and our office safe and secure. Pixel lets us know when visitors arrive, and has been trained to differentiate between clients and people that are not nice. She does her best to stay quiet during conference calls. Pixel also helps protect our client’s valuable electronic evidence and serves as our liaison with the Department of Homeland Security.