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You’re Invited to a Very Special CLE Certified Event!

ARE YOUR CLIENTS PREPARED FOR A RANSOMWARE ATTACK? Ransomware has become a significant and growing business risk. Due to the lucrative nature of ransomware, the “industry” is growing in size and sophistication, and the criminals’ techniques are becoming more effective. Currently, ransom demands of $25,000 and above are commonplace, and that cost is likely to continue to increase in the future. If one of your clients suffered a ransomware attack, would you …Read More

Ransomware Attack Destroys Years of Police Department Evidence

Are your clients prepared for a ransomware attack? The Background Imagine this scenario…you are a police detective. Early one morning you attempt to access your department’s database as you are working on a very important investigation. When you log in to your computer, you are greeted with a gut-wrenching message: “Your files have been encrypted. Make a Bitcoin payment to unlock your files”. This is the start of a very …Read More