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4Discovery Opens New York Office

Elite Chicago Computer Forensics Firm Expands Footprint. “A Natural Expansion.” For over 12 years, leading Chicago attorneys have turned to 4Discovery’s team of experts to solve some of their most challenging computer forensics issues. Now, New York lawyers will be able to do the same. “This is a very natural expansion for us,” according to 4Discovery partner and co-founder, Jeffrey Hartman. “We serve over 19 of the top 25 law …Read More

Chicago Computer Forensics Company 4Discovery Recovers Data From a Mobile Phone Submerged in Pressurized Ocean Salt Water

CNN Reporter Ted Rowlands Puts Computer Forensics Company to The Test in Malaysian Air Flight 370 Mobile Phone Device Data Recovery Reenactment Chicago, IL As the search for missing Malaysian Air Flight 370 continues, a great deal of curiosity has been generated about what could potentially be found on the mobile phones of passengers, if the aircraft is ever located.  A CNN team led by reporter Ted Rowlands decided to …Read More

Mobile Phone Forensics by 4Discovery’s Josh Fazio Puts Child Molester in Prison for Life

Mobile devices are ubiquitous, and the digital evidence they create can be dramatic.  Using advanced mobile device forensics techniques, Chicago computer forensics company 4Discovery’s Josh Fazio recently recovered photographs from a mobile device that had sent a notorious child molester to prison for life.  Digital forensics experts are playing an increasingly important role in investigations. Jerry Lee Hendricks, pictured, a 66 year old repeat child sex offender, was suspected by …Read More

Merge with eDiscovery Labs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chicago, IL The principals of 4Discovery and eDiscovery Labs have announced the strategic merger of their organizations into one brand: 4Discovery. For over a decade, Jeffrey Hartman and Chad Gough grew Impact Forensics into one of the most formidable, privately-held computer forensics firms in Chicago. After selling that firm a few years ago, Hartman took a sabbatical, and then provided litigation-consulting under eDiscovery Labs.  Gough teamed up …Read More