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Digital Evidence Plays Important Role in Apple v. Samsung Award

No need to explain complicated patent law to jurors when the ESI is so convincing the iPhone has a “beautiful design”, and “easy to copy” hardware. – internal Samsung report [1] The Background In one of the most significant Intellectual Property cases of our time, a jury has awarded Apple over one billion dollars in damages in a patent case involving the design and functionality of Apple’s treasured iPhone. Apple …Read More

My Space Entry Allowed As Evidence in Murder Trial

Defendant’s on-line postings about his “reckless drunkenness” come back to haunt him The Background A young woman came home on May 25, 2007 and found her 2 year old daughter unconscious. A call is placed to 911, and police arrive to find the girl limp, with a crushed jaw and multiple injuries. She was declared dead. The woman’s fiancée, Ian Clark, was babysitting for the little girl at the time. …Read More

Ex-Detroit Mayor Sentenced to Prison

Electronic Evidence Helps Prosecutors Know the Answers to Questions before they were Asked The Background You remember the story; Detroit’s former “Hip Hop” mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick was convicted of lying under oath and obstruction of justice in 2008 in a scandal involving city corruption and an alleged affair with a senior staff member. Though he had denied all wrong doing, highly inconvenient text messages were discovered, and before you knew …Read More