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Cyberbullying Tragedy: A School District’s Obligations for Capturing Digital Evidence

A Case Study A young student has had enough. After months of relentless and cruel cyberbullying and internet harassment, the girl, in a moment of despondency and depression, ends her life. In the unthinkably sad aftermath, parents, teachers, and loved ones wonder what could have been done to prevent this senseless nightmare. Teachers and middle school administrators are accused, in a lawsuit filed by the dead girl’s parents, of missing …Read More

Phishing Update: The Bad Guys Are Getting More Sophisticated – And Losses Are Way Up

More Bad News…Your Loss From Phishing Fraud May Not Be Covered By Insurance Phishing scams are not new, but losses from these social engineering ploys are increasing dramatically as the fraudsters become more convincing in their techniques.  Indeed, this was one of the primary themes of this year’s Net Diligence Cyber Insurance conference in Santa Monica, California. It’s Getting Ugly Out There… The FBI estimates phishing attacks have cost organizations …Read More

Is Your Data Secure In Our ‘Internet Of Things’ World?

Think Halloween is scary?  How about a hacker shutting down your pacemaker? The Chief Information Security Officer of the Year Award Breakfast is always a great opportunity to learn more about what is keeping elite CISOs up at night.  The annual event brings together a who’s who of the most talented information security executives from America’s best companies.  This year’s program was no exception, and we were honored to be …Read More

Your Law Firm Has Just Suffered a Data Breach…Do you Tell Your Clients?

Recent Law Firm Data Breaches are Reigniting This Debate Cyber attacks against some of the country’s top law firms are creating fresh concerns about protecting client data, and when lawyers should advise their clients that a breach has occurred. The Wall Street Journal has reported that hackers have attacked the networks of Cravath Swaine & Moore LLP,  Weil Gotshal & Manges LLP, and others.  While the motives of the hackers …Read More

Mobile Phone Porting Fraud: The Risk Goes Far Beyond Consumers

Businesses are increasingly targeted by phone porting scams Much has been written and reported about the risk of mobile phone “Porting” and related financial scams against consumers.  A 90 year old grandfather, for example, recently had his identity stolen by a fraudulent caller that advised the old man that she was conducting a “phone interview.”  When the grandfather gladly offered his personal information over the phone to the scammer, the …Read More

The FBI vs. Apple Update: Did an “IT Guy” Botch the Initial Attempts to Recover Critical Information from the Terrorist’s iPhone?

A case for not letting your client’s “IT Guy” do forensics… We are now learning that the initial attempts to recover critical evidence from the San Bernardino County terrorist, Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone may have been hampered by the ill-advised response of the individuals that initially took custody of the now famous iPhone.  You may recall that the terrorist’s phone was owned by his employer, San Bernardino County.  Apparently his …Read More

Are your Clients Prepared for a Data Breach?

You are invited to a very special CLE Certified event Target, Anthem, the IRS, and now a massive loss of records from the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Today’s headlines are ripe with stories of the latest dramatic thefts of confidential information. Did you know that 43% of mid-sized companies have suffered a breach? If one of your clients suffered a data breach, would you know how to …Read More

Top Data Breach Response Take-Aways From the John Marshall Law School’s JITPL Annual Symposium

Elite Group of Industry Experts Offer Incident Response Best Practices As reported last week, 4Discovery was honored to sponsor the Annual Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law (JITPL) Symposium at the John Marshall School on Friday, April 10.  The presenters included thought leaders from academia, the FBI’s Cyber Division, and leading law firms. Not surprising, breach response was a hot topic. Indeed, 2014 has been described as the year …Read More

4Discovery to Co-Sponsor the John Marshall Law School 2015 Journal of Information Technology and Privacy Law (JITPL) Symposium on April 10.

Annual Event Will Focus on Data Breach Issues, BYOD, Social Media in the Law, and More. 4Discovery is pleased to be one of the sponsors of this year’s JITPL Symposium at the John Marshall Law School on April 10, 2015. The symposium will bring practitioners, scholars, advocates and policy makers together to participate in an academic discussion about the law, policy, and implementation of legal protections for data management.  Sessions …Read More

Top Ten Data Breach Preparedness Tips

One of your clients will suffer a serious data breach this year.  Use these tips to help them prepare. “the cost of battling Cybersecurity will double in the coming year”[1] Neiman Marcus, Staples, JP Morgan Chase, and now Sony.  The list of prominent companies that have suffered a major data breach continues to grow.  While it is the dramatic incident related to a well-known public company that tends to appear …Read More