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How Secure is the Data on Your Mobile Phone?

CBS Chicago News Reporter Dorothy Tucker Interviews 4Discovery’s Jared Sikorski to Find Out   A Startling Scenario You come home from a late night dinner to discover that your home has been burglarized. Fortunately, the police have arrested the suspects after observing them driving erratically with your wide-screen television in their back seat. A lucky break. While interrogating the criminals, police learn that the bad guys entered your home through your …Read More

Data Security 101: 4Discovery’s Jared Sikorski Interviewed on Fox News

Sikorski Offers Data Privacy Tips in Light of Recent Rash of Breaches Target, Home Depot, Staples, and JP Morgan Chase.  The list of companies falling victim to massive data breaches continues to grow at an alarming rate, and consumers are becoming increasingly nervous about the security of their personal data…rightly so. Sometimes cyber attacks are sophisticated and extremely difficult to prevent.  Other times, an ounce of common sense can be …Read More

Think Social Media eDiscovery is A Waste of Time? Ask the Guy with the Fish!

Photos from Social Media & Websites Play Prominent Role in Ex-Cops, Firefighter’s Disability Fraud Case in New York [1] In our business we often witness people engaged in the most stupid, repulsive, and often illegal activity.  Rarely has this fact been more dramatically illustrated than in the example of the recently exposed fraud related to a number of social security disability claims in New York. The Background Who will ever …Read More

The Six Most Relevant Recent Mobile eDiscovery Cases

Important Mobile Device Cases 1.  Regas Cristou vs. Beatport.  (ESI on Mobile Devices is Covered by Litigation Holds) Court ruled that ESI stored on mobile devices is subject to Litigation Holds just like any other ESI.  CEO of Beatport was sanctioned for “losing” his mobile device during litigation when he was ordered (under a lit hold) to  protect all ESI. 2.  EEOC vs. Honey Baked Ham.  (Mobile Phone ESI is …Read More

Lawyer Agrees to Five-Year Law License Suspension in Facebook Deletion Case

Social Media eDiscovery Cannot be Overlooked An attorney, believing that photographs on his client’s Facebook page could be damaging to a pending wrongful death verdict, advises his client to delete the photos.  The outcome?  $542,000 in sanctions and a five-year law license suspension. “We believe that running a social media search of clients, opponents, and witnesses is now part of the minimum level of due diligence expected of a competent litigator…..In …Read More

Social Media eDiscovery Will Play Prominent Role in Spain Train Wreck Investigation

Conductor’s Face Book Page Suggests a Fascination With Speed “I’m at the limit and I cant go any faster or they’ll fine me”  -Jose Garzon   The driver accelerates his vehicle to nearly twice the speed limit in most areas (124 MPH) and takes a photo of the speedometer, posting it to his Facebook page with a comment….”I’m at the limit and i can’t go any faster or they’ll fine …Read More

Social Media eDiscovery: If you are not doing it, you will be soon!

Social Media eDiscovery:  If you are not doing it, you will be soon! “We believe that running a social media search of clients, opponents, and witnesses is now part of the minimum level of due diligence expected of a competent litigator…..In our view, it’s just a matter of time before malpractice claims begin to surface based on a failure to use information publicly available on the Internet.”[1]   Anatomy of a …Read More

Monthly Breakfast Discovery

Join the experts at 4Discovery as we examine eDiscovery trends and tips over breakfast at the beautiful Union League Club.   Each month, our computer forensics and eDiscovery team will provide a brief presentation on “Tips from the Trenches” and eDiscovery trends that are important to your practice.  This month’s session focuses on Social Media eDiscovery.  Our experts will provide guidance on emerging  issues related to Social Medial eDiscovery, including …Read More

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) Does it still make sense?

Good laws badly applied are still good laws. There has been much-needed debate over the relevance of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) in light of Aaron Swartzʼ recent tragic suicide. Mr. Swartz, you will recall, was a young technology entrepreneur accused of inappropriately downloading millions of scientific journals from MIT and JSTOR, a journal storage repository. Swartz, 26, had been an advocate for open access and the freedom …Read More