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Smartphone Forensics: 10 Tips From The E-Discovery Trenches

Law360, New York (June 19, 2014, 9:59 AM ET) — A real case study: The principal of a Chicago-area school had been accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student. The student produced a suggestive text message that she alleged had been sent to her by the principal, who denied sending it. Lawyers for the school district were granted a motion to perform a computer forensics analysis of …Read More

CNN Interviews 4Discovery’s Chad Gough

  Would Data be Recoverable From Malaysian Flight 370 Passenger’s Mobile Devices? If Malaysian flight 370 is ever recovered, could draft text messages, videos, and other electronically stored information retrieved from passenger’s mobile phones and other digital devices help tell the story of the doomed airliner’s fate? When CNN decided to examine this question during today’s airing of Erin Burnett’s “UpFront”  program, they asked for insight from the experts at Chicago-based computer …Read More

BYOD: The #1 eDiscovery Challenge for Inside Counsel

Jeffrey Hartman Partner, 4Discovery @Jeff4Discovery   Survey of inside counsel at Fortune 1,000 companies highlights growing BYOD fears The Scenario You are the general counsel of an investment firm, and have recently learned that your company has been accused of trade secret misappropriation by a competing firm.  It seems that the 9 traders your company has recently recruited from a competitor may have brought client lists and other trade secrets …Read More

Breakfast Discovery

Half of all employees say they would take Trade Secrets with them to a new employer[1] Join the experts at 4Discovery as we examine eDiscovery trends and tips over breakfast at the beautiful Union League Club.   Each month, our computer forensics and eDiscovery team will provide a brief presentation on “Tips from the Trenches” and eDiscovery trends that are important to your practice. This month’s session focuses on Trade …Read More

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) Does it still make sense?

Good laws badly applied are still good laws. There has been much-needed debate over the relevance of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) in light of Aaron Swartzʼ recent tragic suicide. Mr. Swartz, you will recall, was a young technology entrepreneur accused of inappropriately downloading millions of scientific journals from MIT and JSTOR, a journal storage repository. Swartz, 26, had been an advocate for open access and the freedom …Read More

Is your Code Secure? Steps for Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

Software code can be a company’s most critical Intellectual Property…and stealing it is easier than you think. The Background These were his last few days of work at his current job. The programmer, a Russian born American dual citizen, hired by a major financial institution for $400,000 per year to develop a high speed stock trading program, had decided to go on to greener pastures. What was one of the …Read More

Top Ten Ways to Protect Your Trade Secrets

Tips from the trenches in light of the recent Ex-Motorola Software Engineer Prison Sentence. Hanjuan Jin, a Motorola Software Engineer, stepped onto the terminal at O’Hare International Airport a few years ago and stepped into history as one of the most notable Trade Secret mis-appropriators of recent times.  Loaded with $30,000 in cash, a one way ticket to China, and a motherload of trade secrets freshly pilfered from Motorola, Jin …Read More

Digital Evidence Plays Important Role in Apple v. Samsung Award

No need to explain complicated patent law to jurors when the ESI is so convincing the iPhone has a “beautiful design”, and “easy to copy” hardware. – internal Samsung report [1] The Background In one of the most significant Intellectual Property cases of our time, a jury has awarded Apple over one billion dollars in damages in a patent case involving the design and functionality of Apple’s treasured iPhone. Apple …Read More