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4Discovery Sponsors Midwest Cyber Security Alliance Ransomware Program

As a show of support for one of the Midwest’s leading information security industry groups, 4Discovery LLC has announced their sponsorship of the May meeting of the Midwest Cyber Security Alliance. This month’s topic: “Are you Prepared for a Ransomware or Business Email Compromise Attack?”  The Midwest Cyber Security Alliance (MCSA), founded by Jennifer Rathburn, a Data Security & Privacy Partner at Foley & Lardner LLP in Milwaukee, exists to help industry practitioners …Read More

Was “El Chapo” Felled by Mobile Device Metadata?

A Stark Reminder That Your Smart Phone is Spying on You Vanity plus a large ego plus technological ignorance equals disaster.  While there is no confirmation that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s interview with Sean Penn ultimately led to the fugitive’s arrest last week, many of us in the digital forensics world are speculating that his unintended digital footprint did, in fact, lead to his demise. Could it be that digital …Read More

Are Tom Brady’s Text Messages Recoverable?

New England Patriots QB Accused of Destroying Potentially Damning Text Messages Well, I can not resist.  Prepared to just let this story go away, I watched the online debates about just how “recoverable” Brady’s text messages are…and how the NFL apparently believes when one destroys a phone the text messages are destroyed as well.  Now I will somewhat reluctantly add our voice to the “Deflate Gate” conversation.  I hope this …Read More

It’s 2012, Do You Know Where Your Mobile Devices Are?

Smart Phones Can Leave Behind an Indisputable Digital Trail They are Ubiquitous Think about it…we are with our laptops or computers for 6 or 7 hours per day, but we are with our mobile devices nearly 24 hours per day.  Everywhere we look we see people pecking away at their smart phone keypads.  It is becoming clear that Electronically Stored Information (ESI) from these devices can be a goldmine for …Read More

Top Ten Ways to Protect Your Trade Secrets

Tips from the trenches in light of the recent Ex-Motorola Software Engineer Prison Sentence. Hanjuan Jin, a Motorola Software Engineer, stepped onto the terminal at O’Hare International Airport a few years ago and stepped into history as one of the most notable Trade Secret mis-appropriators of recent times.  Loaded with $30,000 in cash, a one way ticket to China, and a motherload of trade secrets freshly pilfered from Motorola, Jin …Read More

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Text- Message Privacy Case

A Historical Application of the Fourth Amendment in our Information Age The Background The personal use of company – issued hand-held digital devices like BlackBerries and smart phones is wide-spread. Companies and government agencies understand, for the most part, that employees will use those devices for personal use to some degree. Most organizations advise their employees that they have no expectation of privacy if they use these company devices for …Read More

Electronic Evidence on Hand-Held Devices Critical in Stock Manipulation Case

SEC Indicates Need for Additional Forensics Tools in War Against Fraud The Background The Wall Street trader was, according to the SEC, seeking a creative way to manipulate stock prices and profit from short selling. The hightech answer? Circulate negative rumors via instant text messages about a company and then dump the stock…making thousands from the resulting dive in the stock’s price. Perhaps and old trick, but one that has …Read More