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4Discovery Sponsors Midwest Cyber Security Alliance Ransomware Program

As a show of support for one of the Midwest’s leading information security industry groups, 4Discovery LLC has announced their sponsorship of the May meeting of the Midwest Cyber Security Alliance. This month’s topic: “Are you Prepared for a Ransomware or Business Email Compromise Attack?”  The Midwest Cyber Security Alliance (MCSA), founded by Jennifer Rathburn, a Data Security & Privacy Partner at Foley & Lardner LLP in Milwaukee, exists to help industry practitioners …Read More

An Executive Resigns: Misconduct Suspected, Employer Cannot Access Evidence on His Mobile Phone

“Sorry…You Are Locked Out of Your Own Data” Well, it happened again today.  We had to call a client and advise them that it will be nearly impossible, or at least very expensive to perform a forensic exam of one of their smart phones after the user of the phone, a key executive suspected of misconduct, abruptly resigned.  Why?  Because the device, a newer Apple iPhone, was password protected and …Read More

Mobile Phone Porting Fraud: The Risk Goes Far Beyond Consumers

Businesses are increasingly targeted by phone porting scams Much has been written and reported about the risk of mobile phone “Porting” and related financial scams against consumers.  A 90 year old grandfather, for example, recently had his identity stolen by a fraudulent caller that advised the old man that she was conducting a “phone interview.”  When the grandfather gladly offered his personal information over the phone to the scammer, the …Read More

Deepwater Horizon Revisited: Computer Fraud & Abuse is One of the Few Criminal Convictions in This Case

Engineer’s Guilty Plea for Deleting Text Messages Stands Out in a Series of Not Guilty Findings In the months following the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster, 52 criminal counts were filed against 5 men that prosecutors believed were criminally responsible for the explosion and resulting deaths of 11 people.  Of those 52 charges, 23 were withdrawn, 23 were dismissed, and jurors acquitted on three counts.  Last week the …Read More

Apple Can Help the FBI Crack a Terrorist’s Phone, They Just Won’t Do It

When individual privacy rights and societal good collide Does a dead terrorist’s right to privacy trump our rights to exist in a safe world?  Lofty philosophical question indeed….but not quite as simple as it sounds.  Let’s put the moral debate aside for a moment and examine the technical challenge presented by today’s news that Apple has been ordered by a federal judge to help investigators break into the San Bernadino …Read More

Top Data Breach Response Take-Aways From the John Marshall Law School’s JITPL Annual Symposium

Elite Group of Industry Experts Offer Incident Response Best Practices As reported last week, 4Discovery was honored to sponsor the Annual Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law (JITPL) Symposium at the John Marshall School on Friday, April 10.  The presenters included thought leaders from academia, the FBI’s Cyber Division, and leading law firms. Not surprising, breach response was a hot topic. Indeed, 2014 has been described as the year …Read More

4Discovery to Co-Sponsor the John Marshall Law School 2015 Journal of Information Technology and Privacy Law (JITPL) Symposium on April 10.

Annual Event Will Focus on Data Breach Issues, BYOD, Social Media in the Law, and More. 4Discovery is pleased to be one of the sponsors of this year’s JITPL Symposium at the John Marshall Law School on April 10, 2015. The symposium will bring practitioners, scholars, advocates and policy makers together to participate in an academic discussion about the law, policy, and implementation of legal protections for data management.  Sessions …Read More

Data Security 101: 4Discovery’s Jared Sikorski Interviewed on Fox News

Sikorski Offers Data Privacy Tips in Light of Recent Rash of Breaches Target, Home Depot, Staples, and JP Morgan Chase.  The list of companies falling victim to massive data breaches continues to grow at an alarming rate, and consumers are becoming increasingly nervous about the security of their personal data…rightly so. Sometimes cyber attacks are sophisticated and extremely difficult to prevent.  Other times, an ounce of common sense can be …Read More

Tweets: An Important New Source of Electronic Evidence

Computer Forensics Firms Are Helping Attorneys Preserve and Produce This Increasingly Critical ESI The Scenario The Tweet goes out… chip maker Audience is “being investigated by the DOJ on a rumored fraud.”  The result?  The shares of Audience plunge over 25% in a mere few seconds.  The payoff?  Potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits for short sellers.  The problem?   The Tweet was a complete hoax, sent by an …Read More

BYOD: The #1 eDiscovery Challenge for Inside Counsel

Jeffrey Hartman Partner, 4Discovery @Jeff4Discovery   Survey of inside counsel at Fortune 1,000 companies highlights growing BYOD fears The Scenario You are the general counsel of an investment firm, and have recently learned that your company has been accused of trade secret misappropriation by a competing firm.  It seems that the 9 traders your company has recently recruited from a competitor may have brought client lists and other trade secrets …Read More