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Hillary Clinton’s eMail Drama: Tips From the Trenches

I am in the digital forensics business.  That means that when something related to eMail or computer evidence is in the news, my friends and family ask me questions, like:  “are Tom Brady’s destroyed “DeflateGate” text messages recoverable?”, and “could you recover data from the submerged mobile phones from missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 if it was ever recovered?”  So, I get used to these questions.  It’s kind of fun. …Read More

4Discovery and CES Selected to Conduct Homeland Security Training

State of Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security and CRA Selects Team Consisting of Experts from 4Discovery and CES In today’s world, the critical evidence required to investigate criminal or terrorist activity is increasingly found on laptops, tablets, smart phones, and social media.  Given that, when the State of Vermont with contractor CRA, selected a team to train a group of their Homeland Security officers recently, they turned …Read More

Partner Jeffrey Hartman Published in Bloomberg BNA

Smart Phones: A New Holy Grail of Digital Evidence for Litigators?    Using a series of short case studies, 4Discovery’s Jeffrey L. Hartman illustrates how specialized forensics are bringing new evidence to life in modern litigation as the amount of data stored on mobile phones grows. A vehicle, traveling at highway speeds, gradually veered off the roadway and smashed violently into the rear of a truck parked on the shoulder …Read More

4Discovery’s Computer Forensics Testimony is Critical in SEC Insider Trading Case

Jury returns guilty verdict for “front running” Anthony Balzanto, a partner at the Chicago-based computer forensics firm, 4Discovery, provided critical testimony last week in the SEC v. Yang[1] Insider trading case, resulting in the jury returning a guilty verdict for front running and false filing. The action centered around trading activity by the defendant Siming Yang in his role as a registered broker dealer and investment advisor in New York.  …Read More

Mobile Phone Forensics by 4Discovery’s Josh Fazio Puts Child Molester in Prison for Life

Mobile devices are ubiquitous, and the digital evidence they create can be dramatic.  Using advanced mobile device forensics techniques, Chicago computer forensics company 4Discovery’s Josh Fazio recently recovered photographs from a mobile device that had sent a notorious child molester to prison for life.  Digital forensics experts are playing an increasingly important role in investigations. Jerry Lee Hendricks, pictured, a 66 year old repeat child sex offender, was suspected by …Read More

Zimmerman Case IT Director Fired: Considering using your “IT Guy” as a Computer Forensics Expert? Watch this video first!

George Zimmerman Special Prosecutor Fires IT Chief Who Raised Discovery Concerns By Jeffrey Hartman Let’s be fair.  Most IT people are competent and qualified.  Some are exceptional.  Our 4Discovery team has the opportunity to work with these capable folks on a nearly daily basis in the course of our engagements.  Most IT professionals are not, however, Computer Forensics Experts.  They just have not had the training or access to the …Read More

Casey Anthony Computer Forensics Investigators Overlook Google Search For “Fool-Proof Suffocation” [1]

Not All Computer Forensics Experts are Created Equal. This story is almost too disturbing to repeat. So we hope you will forgive us for examining a slightly different angle. Just when we thought this horrible case was somehow behind us, and that perhaps we would no longer be subjected to the torment of having the image of an accused baby killer thrust into our faces, here we go again. We …Read More

E-Books: The Next E-Discovery Frontier?

Your E-Reader may be called as an “electronic witness” [1] The Background The defendant was accused of murdering his wife.  He claimed it was self-defense, that his wife tried to shoot him during a heated argument and he shot her as they struggled over the gun.  Prosecutors were suspicions…the physical evidence at the scene didn’t match the husband’s story, and the bullet trajectory suggested murder…and there was that recently-purchased insurance policy. …Read More

Digital Evidence Plays Important Role in Apple v. Samsung Award

No need to explain complicated patent law to jurors when the ESI is so convincing the iPhone has a “beautiful design”, and “easy to copy” hardware. – internal Samsung report [1] The Background In one of the most significant Intellectual Property cases of our time, a jury has awarded Apple over one billion dollars in damages in a patent case involving the design and functionality of Apple’s treasured iPhone. Apple …Read More

My Space Entry Allowed As Evidence in Murder Trial

Defendant’s on-line postings about his “reckless drunkenness” come back to haunt him The Background A young woman came home on May 25, 2007 and found her 2 year old daughter unconscious. A call is placed to 911, and police arrive to find the girl limp, with a crushed jaw and multiple injuries. She was declared dead. The woman’s fiancée, Ian Clark, was babysitting for the little girl at the time. …Read More