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Testimonials Page

4Discovery are true experts in their field and deliver quality results time and time again.

Neal Levin, Freeborn & Peters

4Discovery was recommended to me by a trusted colleague. I was delighted and impressed by the services they provided to my company.

Arlene Yetnikoff, DePaul University

I have found the 4Discovery team to be an exceptionally valuable resource. Their computer forensic capabilities are simply excellent, and they are able to solve complex data recovery problems that are beyond the reach of other professionals.

David McRoberts, CPP, ComSys

People lie, but a digital fingerprint, the topic of...Balzantoʼs testimony? That doesnʼt lie.

Jonathan Polish, United States Securities and Exchange Commission

4Discovery has provided exceptional services to our firm both when we needed to find key documents and metadata on devices in the possession of opponents and when our own clients‘ data was being reviewed. I would highly recommend 4Discovery.

John Scanlon, Healy Scanlon

As a consultant and facilitator of all things eDiscovery, we have been extraordinarily happy with the level of professionalism, timeliness and deliverables from the team at 4Discovery. Impressive performance and collaboration on every project we have completed together.

Rachel Cosgrove, Owner/Director of Trust-ED Solutions, LLC

When my legal practice requires rapid and accurate forensic assessment, I call 4Discvoery. They are a discovery and litigation tool that is indispensable, and has provided my firm dramatic results.

Gregory A. Patricoski, Patricoski Law Offices

Investigations of suspicious insurance claims often require the use digital forensics. 4Discovery has always provided sound advice and competent service. Their team is highly skilled and addresses matters in a very timely manner.

Don Kohtz, Special Investigations Unit Director, Markel Corporation